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Advanced Product Search
Easily find desired products with ShopApp's advanced search. Compare prices from thousands of sellers and explore the best options in fashion, electronics, and more.
Create Product Price Alerts!
Stay updated on discounts for your favorite products with ShopApp! With the price alert feature, you can seize the best deals and never miss out on advantageous opportunities.

What is ShopApp?

Designed to help you find the best prices among thousands of sellers, never miss out on discounts, and make your shopping experience effortless. Start exploring and enjoy the benefits of smart shopping!

Find the Product You're Looking For
Discover, compare, and find the perfect item with our advanced product search feature. Explore categories, compare prices, and uncover the best options.

Create Lists
Create, share, and follow your shopping lists. Easily access the products in your list for a personalized shopping experience!

Track Prices
ShopApp sends instant notifications to users when there are discounts or price changes on the products they desire. This allows you to take immediate action and seize advantageous opportunities without missing out.

Compare Products
Compare prices of your desired product from different sellers. This allows you to find the best price and evaluate multiple options to save money.

Explore Product Details
You can view product descriptions, specifications, and user reviews on the product detail page, just like on the marketplace, within the mobile application as well.

Create Profile
Establish your profile and customize your shopping experience. Connect with friends, share your curated lists, and actively engage with the community. Define your presence in the world of shopping through your unique profile!

What Are the Features of ShopApp?

ShopApp goes beyond being a mere price comparison app. It provides an array of features including the ability to create and share shopping lists, explore community lists, track products, and create a personalized profile.

Find Products with Photo Recognition
Save time and energy with ShopApp's photo search feature. All you need to do is take a photo of the desired product or choose an image from your gallery. ShopApp uses image recognition and innovative technologies to analyze the product in the photo and provide you with the best prices within secon
Share with a Link
Share the link of the product you like from any marketplace and no longer need to visit multiple websites. By sharing the link of the product you like, ShopApp provides you with the best prices and options.
Share with Instagram
How about finding products by sharing posts on Instagram? By sharing the posts of influencers you follow or like with ShopApp, you can easily find the products you're looking for.
Social Shopping
ShopApp goes beyond being a simple shopping app. It's an innovative platform that turns shopping into a social and enjoyable experience. Create a profile, follow friends, gain followers, and explore their lists. Engage with the community, share your own lists, and interact with others through comments.
Price Alert
ShopApp's price alert feature keeps you ahead in shopping. No need to constantly monitor prices or worry about missing discounts. Set a price alert for desired products and get instant notifications on discounts or changes. Take action without missing out on opportunities.
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